Small loan: what it is and how it works

A special form of credit for employees of the public administration and pensioners of INPS is the Inpdap loan, including the small Inpdap loan that can be granted by the credit and social security institution or by banks affiliated with the institution, thus allowing to obtain with ease greater economic benefits.

Types of financing

Types of financing

There are different types of subsidized INPS loans reserved for both public administration employees and INPS pensioners, an offer that is presented according to three financial products: guaranteed and direct multi-year loans, in addition to the small Inpdap loan.

However, this type of financing makes it possible to obtain small sums of money that can also be useful for facing a sudden expense, a tool that allows however to take advantage of particular and advantageous economic conditions with respect to traditional financing.

This is why the number of requests for small Inpdap loans by public employees and INPS pensioners is increasing. We refer you to this in- depth analysis on the small loan inpdap in the blog of to get all the info on the figures obtainable, delivery times etc.

Amounts obtainable with the small loan

Amounts obtainable with the small loan

The amounts received through a small loan can be granted only within the limits of the annual budget availability of the INPS fund.

But how to apply for a small loan?

small loan

Every public employee can access the small Inpdap loan by submitting a request for participation, handing over the forms with each useful document at one of the branches of the INPS office or forwarding the forms directly to the body via computer.

If you are an Inps pensioner, you can apply to take the small Inpdap loan exclusively online.

The value of the amount paid to the public employee or pensioner INPS, however, may undergo a change based on an order provided by the institution. The small Inpdap loan may in fact correspond to one, two, three or four months of salary received and must then be repaid in 12, 24, 36 or 48 monthly installments, through which a principal and a portion of interest will be paid.

The method by which the remaining debt can be paid is the salary or pension salary, a method that allows all the loan installments to be paid in a practical manner and without any risk of default.

As I will be the same employer to pay the installment relative to the payment of the installment of the amortization plan, which may not necessarily exceed one fifth of the amount received, whether by salary or pension.

The small Inpdap loan makes it possible to obtain particularly advantageous interest rates, a fixed nominal interest rate of 4.25% will be applied to the amount paid, a rate for administrative expenses of 0.50% and a figure for the risk fund.

If you have additional deductions in progress on your salary or pension due to a fifth assignment, the amount requested through a small Inpdap loan may vary further. Amount that can be paid by the institution by direct credit to your bank account or by cash that you can withdraw from a bank cashier of the institution.

In the event that the applicant has already received a loan and amortization is still in progress for a direct or guaranteed multi-year loan, the amount requested may not necessarily exceed one month for the annual loan, two months for the two-year period, three for the three-year period and up to a maximum of four monthly payments for the four-year period.

Furthermore, if you have already requested a small Inpdap loan, you can apply for renewal, but only after a minimum period has elapsed which varies according to the type of loan requested, ie 6 months for annual loans, 12 months for biennials , 18 months for three-year loans and 24 months for four-year loans.