Many pensioners have this doubt

Many pensioners have this doubt


The assignment of the fifth is an ideal means to have an immediate sum of money and without giving certification on the use. Other types of credit include documentation, but with the sale of the fifth you have maximum freedom.

Personal expenses, medical expenses, holidays, gifts, a special date: everything you want. With the fifth assignment you can request money for any purpose . Fundamental condition: a stable source, an income that can be used to guarantee the monthly payment .

The loan is given by check or bank account, and can be requested by those who have a permanent employment contract and by a person who has a specific contract that expires before the end of the installment payment of the debt.

Obviously it can also be asked by those who have a pension

Pensioner Loan


Pensioners can easily access the salary assignment (unlike other forms of loans) because there is a pension that guarantees the monthly recovery of the credit: the installment is withdrawn even before the deposit.

But can all pensioners have access to the fifth assignment? Not really, there are details to be emphasized. In the first place, the salary assignment cannot affect the minimum pension necessary for the survival of the individual.

This sum is 460.97 euros : the pensioner can sell the fifth provided that there is enough money left to cover this quota . If this parameter does not exist, the social security institution limits the loan. Consequently, all pensions under 550 euros are excluded from the sale of the fifth.

Are there pensions that cannot be used for the sale of the fifth? Yes, and they are listed on the INPS website :

  • Pensions and social checks.
  • Civil disability.
  • Monthly allowances for assistance to pensioners for disability.
  • Income support checks.
  • Allocate to the family unit.
  • Pensions with joint ownership for the portion not pertaining to the person requesting the transfer.
  • Exodus benefits.

For the rest there is maximum freedom of maneuver: anyone can apply for a loan with the transfer of the fifth at any institution or bank.