Most of the times that you look for a loan, among the features that go to look for more there are the costs, the reliability, the possibility to lengthen the duration, the penalties and the guarantees required. Sometimes, however, or because you are in a financial emergency situation, or because you do not want to lose the possibility of a profitable offer, the feature that you look for most in a loan is the speed of delivery.

Often in this field, banks and financial institutions certainly do not excel due to the speed of the service, with waiting times of up to 15 days, for more difficult loan requests or for larger sums. If you need an urgent loan instead and you have all the necessary requirements for its provision, you can contact one of the agencies that make speed one of its strengths.

In this sense, in fact, it is the financial companies that have the most streamlined organization, offering rapid financing to their customers. We obviously talk about large financial companies like Compass, able to offer credit throughout the entire national territory.




One of the financial companies that has always focused on the speed of service is Compass, of the Mediobanca group, active in Italy for over 50 years with more than 2 million customers, and over 160 agencies scattered throughout the national territory.

If you need a fast loan, Compass offers the possibility to request Leggero, a personal loan adaptable to all types of needs. With Leggero it is possible to request up to € 25,000, for anyone resident in Italy aged 18 to 70, by presenting a valid ID, the tax identification number, or the last paycheck or tax return or payslip of the pension. While for foreign citizens residency in Italy has been required for at least one year and a residence permit.

Regarding the time of delivery of the Compass loan (here you can find more info: ), if you have all the appropriate documentation, you can receive it in 24 or at most 48 hours, by direct transfer to a current account or check.

Lightweight is a type of loan that presents the payment of a minimum initial installment, for the entire first year of the loan, while starting from the second year the normal installment will be paid, agreed at the beginning of the loan. Through the Compass consultancy service, it is possible to study the type of financing most suited to your needs, with the customization of the duration, the amount of the installment and the possibility of subscribing to one of the optional additional insurance coverage.

Especially when you want to think about your family and loved ones, you can take out a policy against job loss, serious illness or premature death, including the policy within the loan installments, starting from the second year. In this way you can rest easy, paying the policy a little at a time and only after the first year of mini-installments.

If you are looking for a cheap and, above all, fast loan, Compass is certainly one of the market leaders, with a fast and fast service, low costs and the possibility of taking advantage of a wide range of possible customizations.